Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some Stats on Eating Habits

Did you know that:

  • 53 percent of Americans say they try to avoid snacking, up 10 percent from 20 years ago
  • Stove tops are used 18 percent less and microwave use has doubled since 1985
  • Use of fresh products (scratch cooking) has declined 10 percent since 1985 to only 46 percent
  • In 2004, 75 percent of adults said they wanted to reduce fat from their diets and 61 percent wanted to add more whole grains

    (Now I would like to see the sales figures for potato chips, chicken wings, etc., and see how people's actual behavior matched their self-reported goals!)

    These facts on "20 years of eating habits" were excerpted in the magazine Fancy Food & Culinary Products. I got the January issue as a freebie at the recent Fancy Food Show. The magazine culled them from "Eating Patterns in America" report by the NPD Group

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