Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another Link

I had the good fortune to meet Brett, creator of In Praise of Sardines, a few weeks ago. I've long been impressed with his blog, and not just because I (and hence Blog Appetit) belong to that coven of closet sardine lovers.

His blog continually impresses with its depth of coverage of San Francisco Bay Area ethnic cuisines as well as his travelogues which have taken him in the six short months he's been a blogger to New York, Los Angeles and Spain. He's entertaining, the blog is well written and there are recipes, too. I hope you will click on over and check out In Praise of Sardines

To celebrate his inclusion in my links, I thought I would toss in this photograph of the sardine catch at Half Moon Bay, California, last summer.

How do I praise sardines? Let me count the ways, starting with grilled, fresh, eaten beachside on the Costa Brava. Wish you could have been there. Wish I was back there.

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