Sunday, January 15, 2006

Feast Your Eyes on These Blooms

Man nor blogger can not live by food alone. No, we need flowers, too. I had bought but not yet arranged some flowers when my weekly housekeeper came. She asked if I'd mind if she arranged them for me. No I didn't mind.

In fact, I plan on asking her if it would be okay if I left flowers out for her every week from now on.

Confession -- I had only bought $20-$25 of supermarket flowers, nothing special. Raquel added cuttings from my yard and mixed in some of the uhm, decorative, ah, not natural, blooms I had around my house.

I have been enjoying these since Wednesday and thought you should enjoy them too. Every time I see them, they just make me happy.


Kalyn Denny said...

Just wonderful. Also, seriously jealous that you have a housekeeper!

FJKramer said...

Just once a week for "cleaning" although she is wonderful at organization (I'll post a pix of my pantry before and after someday and you'll see why I need some help!)

K and S said...

I'm also jealous that you have a housekeeper, but what a beautiful flower arrangement!!