Friday, January 20, 2006

Are You Sugar Savvy?

Today marks the debut of my new column -- The Chocolate Box -- at the Well Fed Network blog Sugar Savvy

You can read all about at The Chocolate Box -- See's Piece by Piece #1 . This week's tastes are the milk and dark Bordeaux.

My job (hey, someone has to do it) is to taste a different piece of See's Candy every week and report on it. But you regular readers know that I do like to digress, so you'll get plenty more of Blog Appetit's news, views and muse in every posting.

Please check out the Well Fed network of blogs for the latest and greatest on chocolate, candy and sugar (Sugar Savvy), food production and distribution (Growers and Grocers), The Spirit World, and food journalism and publications (Paper Palate)

Oh, one more thing. I owe my obsession to my sister-in-law, Karel, who not only introduced me to her brother (my husband), but took me in hand when I first arrived in San Francisco and taught me how to buy See's Candy by the piece. I haven't decided if I should thank her or blame her, but I do owe it all her!

Update: Sadly, Sugar Savvy and Well Fed are no more.  Many links are available through the Wayback Machine archives at

Here's a list of many of the posts I wrote for Sugar Savvy on the Wayback machine:
Clicking on any of those should result in the archived version of the post.
Warning: not every post is archived.  I've learned from this and no longer just post links to what I write elsewhere - I update the blog with the post as well.

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Farmgirl Susan said...

Love the column idea (in fact, I linked here from it). Perfect timing, too. Bordeaux has always been my favorite. Now that I live far away from any See's stores (I grew up about a mile from one), my mother brings me boxes of all bordeaux when she comes to visit. : )