Monday, January 23, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

Dear Blog,

Well, I went back to the Fancy Food Show today. Even though I promised myself I really would be more in control, I still just sampled and sampled. Part of it was my overwhelming desire to taste and report, but most of it was gluttony.

Did I really NEED to taste three (no, actually four) kinds of caviar? No. But it was there. And it was free (well, except for the time lost from work and the killer parking fee.)

If I was keeping a Weight Watchers style food journal (yeah, right, I just gave up my diet for the duration) and writing down every bite I would either be put away for my very bizarre eating combinations (following up an artichoke garlic dip with a chipolte caramel immediately before trying a kosher wine from Spain) or for the sheer idiocy of attempting to eat the equivalent of perhaps half of the world's supply of chocolate in one day.

Needless to say, I am going back for more tomorrow. I still haven't gotten to the focused chocolate tasting (a must on my list) and there are still hot chocolates to sample. I also must go back for more of the Persian ice cream.

Another trend I spotted today -- antioxidants in teas and some other foods. It did seem that every booth that didn't have chocolate had tea, but that is most likely an exaggeration caused by fatigue due walking around all day and my sugar high finally crashing after hours of non-stop chocolate eating.

I have lots more to report and loads of photos and some recommendations. I'll also do a few mini-profiles on some interesting food artisans and manufacturers I met.



P.S. -- Yes, I am drinking my water. Today I had (among others) water fortified with calcium, flavored with peppermint, infused with wild berries, and somehow magically transformed by aromatherapy techniques (cinnamon rose flavor.)

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