Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Just some odds and ends to bring Blog Appetit up to date ---

1. I bought a grill -- A Cusiniart Griddler. I'll let you know how it goes.

2. Polls are still open for the 2005 Food Blog Awards. Vote for your favorite or find a new one at Accidental Hedonist . You have through January 18th.

If Blog Appetit happens to be your favorite, thank you very much, but unfortunately we are not nominated this year.

3. The counter (see graphic in footer) seems to be working out very well. It is so gratifying to see how many visitors are (hopefully) enjoying Blog Appetit. I've had more than 535 clicks since January 3rd. Thanks so much for coming by!

4. Check out the Well Fed Network which has correspondents from around the globe posting on a collection of blogs on food, wine, the food press and more. I am particularly sweet on Sugar Savvy which covers chocolate, sugars, candies and confections. That's probably because I (1.) adore sweets and (2.) will be contributing posts to them.

I'll be sure to alert you when my highly caloric photos and writings appear. Yes you CAN gain weight by reading this blog!

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Bloom Family said...

You are my favorite!