Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's Hard to Keep My Matronly Figure ...

... After three days of attending the Fancy Food Show and eating every chocolate truffle, black truffle and other goodie I could. Today was the last day. I only went for a few hours to wrap up a few things I didn't have a chance to do the other days. I tasted something like eight different hot chocolates, reshot some photos that didn't come out right, did a "focused tasting" of chocolates and kept bumping into other Bay area bloggers.

Once Amy, Elise and Heidi (among others) have posted their reports, I'll be sure to provide the links so you can see what they saw, tasted, experienced and thought as well as me. It was such a huge show and everyone brings something different to it (and expects something different) that I thought it would be fun to share our perspectives.

I need time to digest what I saw and did, so give me a little time to cogitate and I'll be posting lots of tasty bits.


In other news, please click on over to
Sweetnicks to check out her popular Antioxidant Rich Food recipe roundup.

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Sara said...

3 days! So jealous. Can't wait to hear more.