Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fun with Appliances

I Need a New Grill to Thrill -- We here at Blog Appetit fully embrace the technological age, but my enduring love affair with my panini grill is just about over. It's not that I don't love the sandwiches or the grilled goodies, it's just that it is now flaking teflon over everything I cook. Add that to the broken latch and sprung springs and I think I now know why it only cost $30.

Anyway, do you have a panini grill? Would you recommend it? Why or why not? Please help me get a new grill that won't break my heart!

I Don't Knead a New Breadmaker -- but I thought I did. Whenever my youngest tried to make bread in my antique breadmaker (it must be about seven years old), there were problems. Lopsided loaves. Unkneaded but not unneeded dough left clumped in corners. I was ready to replace it but thought I should give it one more try. Since all of his attempts had been with smaller 1 pound or 1.5 pound loaves, I made a whopping 2 pound loaf of "French" bread. It came out perfect and the boys (admittedly with help from their parents) finished all of it within 24 hours and are asking when we'll have more fresh bread. So I don't have to replace it, as long as I am willing to make 2 pounds of bread at a time!

Esstentially my appliance karma came out even, but I still have to go shopping.

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