Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ARF ARF and a Bow Wow

Sweetnicks of the blog of the same name is one busy blogger. She does the weekend dog blogging feature (lots of cute pix of a blogger's best friend), participates in many blogging events and does good deeds, as well as sharing with us her love of food and eating. Oh, and she's a busy mom.

One of her newest features is a Tuesday night round up of recipes featuring antioxidants, veggies and fruits, with she calls ARF (for Antioxidant Rich Food) 5-a day-roundup.

This is the second of her ARF/5-a-Day roundups and Blog Appetit leads off the delicious pack with Vacation Condo Soup.

I hope you will check out her weekly roundups as well as pay regular visits to her site. I know I do. You'll find Sweenicks listed under "Links."

1 comment:

Cate said...

Thanks for your kind words, and joining in the fun. ;)